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Windows 10 multiple desktops not working free

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Open Settings and go to the Windows Update section from the left-side menu, followed by Advanced options on the right side. How to remove a virtual desktop in Windows 10 Want to get back to just one desktop? No problem. Click the Task View button in your taskbar. Take advantage of the virtual desktop feature in Windows 10 to organize your virtual space while working on a bunch of different things at once.


Windows 10 multiple desktops not working free


Tabs are remembered when opened after restart but all load on first desktop. They then have to be moved manually back to their previous virtual desktops. Awesome tip, thanks. Nothing beats dual monitors.

Good news for new comers!! But, I used it on Ubuntu since 7 years. And i liked it when I was trying to discover the w10 on first day of my laptop. In case if you are using precision touchpad, you can set in Touchpad settings to navigate between virtual desktop using fingers. By default, 4 fingers swipe to move left or right between the Virtual desktops. It would be nice if multiple desktops could work in tablet mode as well allowing the user to quickly switch between two sets of snapped apps.

They are great is you have a smaller than 14″ laptop and no access to an external monitor. One thing you have to be careful of is the shortcut keys to switch desktops. If you press the wrong keys you can flip your screen by mistake. Linux had this a long time ago and personally I never could find a use for it, I accidently found it after updating to Windows 10, again no practical use for me.

Cool feature I guess, but seems easier to keep everything on one desktop. At my job, task view and the big ugly search bar are the first things I hide on all employee computers. I use this feature all the time at work. It’s a must for multitaskers.

That way, I can have 1 Desktop for General tasks, 1 for photos tasks, and 1 for gaming. As it is now, it’s useless to me. Sadly Microsoft almost forgot this feature and the only recent update of this is to rename desktops, that’s it. This still lacks basic things like ability to re-arrange desktops which currently don’t. Also they missed opportunity to use Task View to move windows between monitors which would be handy instead of dragging windows on regular desktop mode between monitors.

You can now name the desktops rather than them having the generic “Desktop 1”, “Desktop 2” etc Been using this quite nicely for weeks. Now all of a sudden, with no reason i shut dowsn, I started up my Surface the Add new desktop button has disappeared when I click task view. Also, I notice my show desktop square at the end of the taskbar has gone too. Why is Windows such a random bag of fuckery at times? Dexpot virtual desktops. Does anyone know of a similar function, first-party or otherwise, for tablet mode?

Would love to have something similar to the iPad behavior where if you put two programs side-by-side let’s say App 1 and App 2 and switch away to App 3, when you switch back to App 1 it shows it next to App 2 the way you had it before. The default behavior for me is that either App 1 or 2 will switch back to full-screen and I have to re-split the screens, which is frustrating when you use the two apps side by side to build a good workflow. Great question. There’s no first-party solution.

For some stupid reason, there’s no virtual desktops in tablet mode. There’s also no native gesture for the Start menu, but I digress. My solution is to use a frankly sketchy third-party gestures engine called TouchMe Gestures. You can get the setup software in the Store and you have to download and install the engine separately.

What I do is leave tablet mode off forever ha! It works pretty well, though a native gesture system would be better. That sounds pretty cumbersome.

I’ll give it a try though! They need to further improve this virtual multiple desktop feature, which is still barebones that many power users may not able to use it since its too basic and average users don’t need to use multiple desktops or simply can’t find a workflow for this. This needs several things which some have been frequently requested: – Rearrange desktops in Task View. This has to be one of the basic feature still not implemented. So when user logs in for the first time from shutdown, if you assign Desktop 2, it will logs in to Desktop 2.

Let’s say I drag a file from a File Explorer to another desktop. I find this better way than just dragging the regular size windows between monitors. It was bare bones to begin with, but I had high hopes that the features you mentioned would roll in eventually. It’s pretty basic still. Worse still is how clunky Timeline can be, especially with Office documents that are saved locally and synced to OneDrive Timeline gives you completely useless web links to those files. Timeline is a great idea, but pretty weakly executed for MS’s own headline productivity suite.

Windows Central Newsletter. Get the best of Windows Central in in your inbox, every day! Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The question from 3 years ago only has 1 answer with a third party non-free solution: Windows 10 second screen shared across all virtual desktops The product recommended seems dated, last news post in sidebar is form early While I don’t believe it’s natively possible to make one display static, you can make windows static across all virtual desktops, which is an effective work-around if you just dedicate one display to a few apps.

The following works for me as of Windows 10 version 20H2. I’d just like to add to what Sam Morgan said, that you can select ‘Show windows from this app on all desktops’ as well in the same context menu , which will make all instances of that program appear on all desktops, and will persist even after closing the program.

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Windows 10 multiple desktops not working free. Virtual Desktop not working

Call of Duty: Warzone players have pieced together the new Resurgence map. I love Windows 10, but I have found so many uses for the quick multiple desktops, ftee I’m hesitant. Cool feature I guess, but seems easier to keep everything on one desktop. Back in Windows 7, I had two user accounts for me. For some stupid reason, there’s no virtual desktops in tablet mode.

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