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Criminology Muhammad Amir Munir

Criminology Muhammad Amir Munir In an impressive but simple and dignified ceremony held at the National Police Academy (NPA), Islamabad, on May 8, 2009, the Pakistan Journal of Criminology (Journal) was launched. This Journal is the first research publication of the newly established Pakistan Society of Criminology (PSC). The ceremony was attended by judges, police […]

Police Education and Training in Pakistan

Police Education and Training in Pakistan Fasihuddin Abstract: Police Training and Education may have different meanings to different people, but for an effective and efficient police, proper training and education are one of the most important areas which need attention and resources. Contrary to modern world, police training and education are the depressingly neglected aspects […]

State Obligations, Immigrant Women’s Rights, Islam and Legal Pluralism in Oslo, Norway

State Obligations, Immigrant Women’s Rights Islam and Legal Pluralism in Oslo, Norway Farhat Taj Abstract: The paper depicts a view of the complex multicultural relationship between protection against discrimination, cultural diversity, collective identity and individual rights. It presents a picture of the lived experiences of women from the Pakistani community in Oslo and their search […]