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A Cop of Honour and Intellect

Qaiser Khan

PESHAWAR: Fasihuddin is the most misunderstood police officer I have ever seen in
my life, once remarked former Inspector General of Police Muhammad Akram.
Fasihuddin worked under his command some 20 years back. “The reason may not be
of anyone else but of his own. He doesn‟t know the tricks and games of this world;
rather remains engaged in his intellectual pursuits, spirituality and occult sciences,” he
said. Hailing from the spiritual family of Tor Baba settled in Dir and Bajaur,
Fasihuddin carries a taste and knack for mysticism, poetry, Islamic knowledge and
modern sciences. His contribution to promote education and learning in his tribe,
Uthmankhel, led him to lead this huge tribe as a patron-in-chief