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Association of Educational Factors, Child Trafficking and Profession: A Multivariate Analysis

Syed Rashid Ali, Syed Hamid Ali Shah & Shah Saud

The present study aims to investigate the influence of profession of the respondents on their perception regarding association of educational factors with child trafficking. The study is carried out in District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A sample of 392 respondents is selected from Advocates, Journalists, and University Teachers through stratified random sampling one of the components of probability sampling technique. At bivariate level, all the indicants/attributes of educational factors like lack of educational facilities, ignorance of parents, dropout from schools, harsh attitude of teachers, and passive role of media are
associated with child trafficking. At multivariate level, influence of profession is observed on the association of variables. Reasons of dropout cases may be surveyed and alternate mechanism may be introduced to solve the problem. Media may also be requested to educate community on the issue. It is also suggested that rehabilitative measures may be taken by the government in collaboration with NGOs for the vulnerable communities and victims of the province that may include financial, psychological and educational support.

Key Words: Educational Factors, Child Trafficking, Profession, Multivariate,