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Bakunin Model of Anarchism and Militancy in Swat, Pakistan

Khurshaid & Zafar Khan, Saima Gul & Noor Sanauddin

The research is designed to study the tactics of the fighting of Taliban in the valley of
Swat (Pakistan). The theory of anarchism is helpful in understanding their techniques.
Anarchism has been explained and aptly applied here. The tactics proposed by anarchists
suits the way of the struggle of Taliban in the valley. Bakunin model of anarchism is a good
example in this regard. He has suggested the killing of intellectuals, kidnapping the wealthy
and powerful, targeting the politicians, going into coalition with the criminals, supporting
the loudmouths and nurturing the supporters. All these techniques were adopted and
practiced by Taliban in Swat fighting. This is an important commonality between the
Western anarchists and Eastern jihadists of the twenty first century.

Keywords: Anarchism, Terrorism, Taliban, Swat, Militancy