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Books from Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security

Samih Teymur

The Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security was an
international conference organized by the Turkish National Police, on June 14-16
2007 in Istanbul-Turkey. The conference was an initiative of the Turkish National
Police with the full support from TIPS (the Turkish Institute for Police Studies) and
international community and scholars who are concerned with issues relating to
democracy and global security. Indeed Turkey desires to bring international
scholars and practitioners to one place where they can meet and share their
experiences and scholarship for promotion of democracy, security and freedoms
around the globe. This opportunity was provided to these scholars and practitioners
at the historical and beautiful city of Istanbul. Since everybody knows Turkey’s
hospitality and believes in its sincerity, so nearly 1,000 individuals accepted the
conference invitation and participated in the event in 2007. Participants made
presentations and shared their knowledge for three days during the conference.
Articles and presentations were gathered and edited by scholars and experts and
were published in a series of books. The following books are the first studies of this