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Conceptualization of Dark Triad Traits of Juvenile Delinquents

Kiran Akbar Khan1, Fizza Noor2 & Rabia Noor3

The contemporary study intended to examine the relation between Dark Triad traits and delinquent behaviour in juveniles. A Qualitative Methodology was chosen in order to undertake a more in-depth analysis, for which two juvenile delinquents were interviewed. Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis was used for the analysis of the interviews (Smith, 2008). The results indicated that Dark Triad traits (Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy) having an impact on the youth for showing delinquent behaviour. The analysis showed that certain factors like antisocial tendencies, lack of remorse, conflicted familial relationships, mistrust towards outer world, manipulative behaviour are seen in the juvenile delinquents. The implications of the study help us to understand in terms of how youth develop the traits that leads them to criminal conduct.

Keywords: Dark Triad Traits (Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy),
Juvenile Delinquents and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis