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Countering Illegal Drug Trafficking on the Internet: Topical Issues

Anatolii V. Movchan1, Mykola O. Yankovyi2, Karen Yu. Ismailov3, Elena O. Melnikova4 & Oleksandr M. Zaiets5

The relevance of the study is based on the shift of activity of organized criminal groups involved in distribution of psychoactive substances to the organization of the mentioned activities through the Internet. One of the problems of counteracting such crimes is that in Ukraine, the mechanism of blocking or limiting access to Internet resources through which criminal offenses are committed or where there is prohibited content is regulated by law. The purpose of their search is to study current problems of combating drug trafficking on the Internet by way of contactless sale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. It is necessary to strengthen the analytical component of law enforcement activities in the detection and analysis of content on the Internet through implementing information technologies and spreading knowledge of OSINT (Open-source intelligence). The results of the manuscript are of practical value for the average reader who is interested in the issues of financial crime, online crimes, and drug countering as well as for the higher education graduates of police specialties, police officers of the criminal block and specialists in the field of operational search

Keywords: Drug Trafficking, Narcotics, Online Shop, Stash, Analytical Intelligence