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Criminal Ideation: The Role of Personal Growth and Criminality

Mussarat Anwar, Ayesha Anwar, Jamil Ahmad & Shahid Ali Khattak

Variations in the level of self maturity and criminality were examined using data from a
comprehensive sample of ninety male criminal adults(N=90) from central jail of Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa (KP).Psychological health was examined in combination with personal
growth level. Three main measures were utilized in this study, the Pearson-Marr Archetypal
Indicator (to measure the degree of self-realization), Subjective-psychological Well-being
Scale (to measure the current life situations and emotional wellness) and Depression,
Anxiety and Stress Scale (to assess the severity of the core symptoms of neurosis). Result
indicated that criminals had shown low level of personal growth (Soul) with clear signs of
emotional disturbance and less satisfaction with life. Warrior- Caregiver, Seeker-Lover, and
Destroyer-Creator energies were not well integrated that resulted in the development of
instinctive-aggressive impulses.
Keywords: Crime, Ideation, Personal Growth, Criminal Mentality