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Criminal Justice for Juveniles: International and National Law

Abdul Aziz & Kamran Adil

Pakistan stands committed to international obligations under the Convention on the Rights
of the Child (CRC), and has thus its first comprehensive juvenile law as the Juvenile Justice
System Ordinance 2000. Though many issues have been addressed by the JJSO, 2000 in
light of the requirements of the CRC, yet there exist some legal, technical and practical
difficulties in implementation of the said law. Legal and academic debate is needed to
identify such discrepancies and suggest ways and means for the removal of such hindrances
in dispensation of juvenile justice and for securing the rights of children in conflict with law.
This paper examines some of these academic and practical hassles associated with
interpretation and implementation of the existing laws.

Keywords: Juvenile Justice System Order 2000, CRC, Guardianship, Age of Criminality, Bail, Juvenile Court