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Empower Pakistan: Detonating The Minds of Pakistan Females

J. M. (Johan) Ras

Pakistani women has a critical role to play in the liberating of their country from violence,
religious extremism, terrorism, poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment. As the first
line of defense between their infants and the challenges of an unknown and uncertain world,
they have a God-given duty to nurture, raise and educate their children in the correct manner.
It is the women who must take the lead, and through the internal socialization process form
and shape their children’s minds, hearts and hands. This must be done so that they (children)
can assist to liberate the country and direct it away from Muslim religious fundamentalism,
extremism and radicalism that are the basis for many of the terror deeds and violence that
Pakistan is experiencing.

Keywords: Pakistan, W Terrorism, Women, Islam, Taliban