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Examining the services provided to juvenile offenders in borstal jail Bahawalpur

Asif Naveed Ranjha, Basharat Hussain, & Rizwan ul Haq

Juvenile offenders need special attention during their imprisonment in jails and borstal institutions. This case study discusses the availability and suitability of correctional services for 29 juvenile detainees in the Borstal Institution and Juvenile Jail in Bahawalpur. The ualitative nature research includes secondary and primary data. Primary data was gathered through observation, focus group discussion and interviews. Data was gathered from juvenile offenders, jail staff, Social Welfare Officer and non government organizations. Borstal Institution Bahawalpur had received facility improvements to its interior infrastructure. Educational services lack vocational staff. Vocational training services are notably insufficient.
Health, nutrition, religious education and recreational services are reported to be satisfactory. The study suggests the need for enhancement in existing services.

Keywords: Juvenile Offenders, Borstal Jail, Correctional Services, Juvenile Prisoners