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Exploring Women Involvement in Crimes in Pakistan

Asma Islam1, Dr. Muhammad Farooq2 and Dr. Babak Mahmood3

The present research focuses on exploring the etiology of female involvement
in crimes and its effects on their family during imprisonment. Every crime adds in
wretchedness to the world. The female crimes go past human observation as females
are seen as pure and accommodating creature of God; loaded with adoration and joy.
This examination conversely features the appalling side of female criminality in
Punjab Pakistan; particularly studying the cases of those females who were convicted
of murder. The in-hand research is intended to clarify that socio-economic and
cultural factors i.e. low level of education, economical dependency and patriarchal
system are the dragging factors which force the women to commit crimes in Pakistan.
The study depicts how anger builds up in simple females with no criminal background
which has led them to commit such cold blooded murders. The present research was
based on the in-depth interviews conducted by the researcher herself from female
convicted of murderers from five major jails of Punjab, Pakistan. Case studies were
developed on each individual case and results were drawn through thematic analysis.

Keywords: Female incarcerations, etiology of crimes, effects of imprisonment, case
study design, thematic analysis