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Heterodoxy in conflict resolution Case study of fire arms in Pakistan

Waseem Iftikhar

Past four decades have been tumultuous for security law and order in Pakistan. Sharp rise in violence and insecurity besides other factors can be attributed to Small arms and guns. As per one estimate there are almost twenty million small arms in Pakistan, out of which nearly seven million are registered. Certain parts of Pakistan allow weapons as part of their culture and will not give up arms at any cost. The rampant display and show of force with firearms in open by the elite as well as elected representatives has created a class difference between the “have” and “have nots”. Debate and reflection of multiple solutions about firearms leave
Pakistan with only untired option; to declare possession of weapons as a constitutional right. This paper focuses on the issue of uncontrolled weapons and discusses the results of a survey carried out on this area of grave concern. It aspires to propose a solution which may sound
unorthodox but probably is the only novel option left in Pakistan. This heterodoxy will bring relatively better control resulting into a more egalitarian approach to a problem that is getting exacerbated by the day.

Keywords: Firearms, Pakistan, Heterodoxy, Conflict Resolution,