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Illicit drugs & indiscriminate proliferation: The consequential and discourse analysis of substance abuse

Waseem Khan, Arab Naz, Nasim Khan, Sarfaraz Khan & Ikram Shah

Drugs and illicit substances have resulted in obliterating effects over the social structure throughout the globe. This study is an attempt to illuminate the socio-economic and psychological impacts of substance abuse on the abusers. The study has been approached through literary, secondary and theoretical information that are further analyzed and applied in the area under study. In addition, the problem of substance abuse in this study is
accessed through discourse analysis (elaborations of social learning theories), content analysis (in-depth study of the illicit substances i.e. alcohol, heroine, barbiturates) and framed under the theories of social process, learning and labeling. The study reflects and declares substance
abuse, its production and selling as criminal conducts that are worth retribution and punishment.

Keywords: illicit drugs, addicts & co-addicts, criminality, retribution