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Motivational aspects in Police Basic Training to Counter Terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Farhat Ullah, Imran Ahmad Sajid

The study entitled “Responding to Terrorism: A study of motivational aspects of police basic training in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan” exploring the police opinion regarding motivational aspects in police basic training and its significance and role in responding to terrorism. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire by using Likert scale from a sample of 363 respondents determined through Sekaran table from the instructors at PTC
Hangu, RTC Kohat, Trained police constables in Peshawar and Kohat city. Total population size was 6564 and proportionate stratified sample technique was used to determine the sample size from each strata whereas systematic sampling method were applied to pick the samples from the three selected sample groups. A Chi Square test was applied to ascertain association between dependent variable i.e. responding to terrorism and independent variable i.e. motivational aspect of police training. Most of the respondents viewed that police basic training structure has a lot of drawbacks and they were of the opinion that training system needs to be reorganized to counter the terrorists. In responding to terrorism, every aspect of the training increases motivation in police personnel (P=.000), police personnel lack motivation due to deficiencies in training system (P=.000) and motivated police personnel remain active during their duty time (P=.048). The study concluded that motivational aspect
of police training has a major role in responding to terrorism. The study recommends enhancing motivational aspects in police basic training system and to reorganizes the whole structure of police training and police should be strengthen to fight more efficiently against the terrorists.

Key Words: Responding to terrorism, Motivation, police, basic and training