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Paradigms of Homicidal Female Honour Victimization in Sindh

Nabi Bakhsh Narejo & Shamsuddin Syed

This article articulates the new paradigms of Homicidal Female Honor Victimization in the
rural context of Sindh. The study focuses on exploring the etiology of the homicide-related
victimization of the females. The background literature and studies laid the conceptual
framework starting from concepts like homicide, violence, victimology, and victimprecipitation and victim-offender relationship. The study findings reveal that the
victimization is the result of cultural taboos, heat of passion, prevailing lawlessness, subculture of violence, male-dominancy, domestic feuds and feudal mindset. The response of
the police towards the criminality affecting women is very poor and unsatisfactory. Police
fails to enforce and execute the adequate action against the offenders. The female
victimization could be prevented with deterrence of adequate and swift punishment to lawviolators. Besides, the development related to the socio-economic, rural, educational,
cultural and legal sectors can truly empower women preventing their victimization in Sindhi

Keywords: Paradigm, Sindh, Homicidal Female Honour Victimization, Victim-precipitation, Honour Killing, Victimology.