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Predictive effects of Temperament on Delinquency: Study of Inmates

Razia Anjum1 & Zakia Bano2

Temperament has been described as a multifaceted and potentially valueladen construct in literature but there is a scarcity of research work done in area of forensic psychology and distal criminal justice system‟ predominantly in south Asian countries. The study main objective is to contribute in literature by highlighting the effect of temperament towards delinquency and to explore which type of temperamental trait headed more towards the delinquency. Age range of selected population was 18 to 60 years old, total sample of 517 (407 males, 110female) prisoners were approached from four prisons of Punjab. Convenient sampling technique was used to collect data. Self -Reported Delinquency Scale and Adult Temperament Scale based on Galen‟s typology was used to collect the data. Result indicated that Melancholic and Choleric temperament styles were the positive predictor of delinquency whereas the Sanguine and Phlegmatic were the negative predictor. The findings of the study were discussed in the light of current situation with its future implications.

Keywords: Temperament, adult temperament scale, Galen‟s typology of humor, delinquent behaviors, regression analysis.