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Role of Punjab Police in Control of Narcotics A Comparison with ANF and Customs

M. Tariq Rustam Chohan

Proximity with Afghanistan and the porous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan
makes Pakistan vulnerable as trafficking route and market for narcotics. To counter these
threats various agencies are working in Pakistan the most important of which are the
Provincial Police Forces, Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) and Pakistan Customs. Pakistan
Customs and ANF generally remain in limelight and take most of the credit as they deal with
high profile targets, foreigners and as a sequel get a high flying media coverage. The
provincial police forces despite doing a lot in terms of quantities seized, cases registered and
convictions achieved get little attention and credit for their efforts because they deal at local
level with small scale drug pushers and drug users. Whereas ANF has the advantage of
dedicated and well trained cadre, nationwide jurisdiction and interprovincial/international
network with huge finances at their disposal, the Punjab Police have the benefit of huge
workforce which can penetrate every nook and corner of the province in the respective
jurisdiction of their police stations. If the Punjab Police are given specialised training in this
regard and their finances are improved to cater for their needs of purchasing information and
giving financial rewards and establishing a dedicated court to deal with such cases, their anti
narcotic efforts can be amplified manifold.

Keywords: Drug Trafficking, Drug Abuse, Finances, Training, Investigation, Prosecution, Conviction