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Significance of Road Safety: Challenges and Prospects

Syed Kaleem Imam1 & Samza Fatima2

This article explores the underlying dynamics of road safety as a global dilemma. It sheds light on Pakistan‟s current infrastructure and road safety interventions. It presents a multifaceted approach regarding the intricacy, sustainability, and enactment of road safety concerns witnessed in the country. Overall, a comprehensive illustration of road safety assessment and transport management has been discussed in the light of government guidelines. The role of
government and provincial transportation authorities has been defined considering
the institutional setting, infrastructure, maneuverability, statutes, policies, and
commuters‟ perspectives. Furthermore, pressing needs for reforms at the institutional, operative, and physical levels have been highlighted in view of policymakers and vehicular users. Methodology used to conduct this study is mixed employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. The philosophy used is also mixed having both deductive and inductive approaches to collect and analyze data which makes the findings more reliable. The focal point of this study signifies countermeasures and renovation in national and provincial traffic
monitoring by the authorities and reasonable law enforcement along with enactment of road safety-related proposals. The findings of this paper will contribute significantly in the existing literature and will have considerable theoretical and practical implications.

Keywords: Accidents, Highways, Motorways, NHMP, Public Perception, Road
Safety, Violations