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Socio-Cultural Issues of Women Prisoners at District Jail Jhang Pakistan

Muqadas Mushtaq1 & Shehla A. Yasin2

This study investigated reasons 12 women had for committing crimes. We documented experiences of these women after being imprisoned, and their perceptions of administration at District Jail Jhang. All participants went through indepth interviews developed to achieve these endpoints and included specific questions about their demographics and their life experiences, criminal history, psychosocial and economic struggles. A thematic analysis revealed, these women suffered from lower socio-cultural status in their families, were largely illiterate, and lived in poor economic conditions. The authors believe these factors may be responsible for criminal behavior in this group. In addition, the study also unveiled these women were influenced by strong hate, anger, greed, and love, which may have led to a
criminal life. The paper provides an overall thematic picture of imprisoned female criminals in Pakistan; and discusses possibilities that may help her to disengage from a life of crime. Many ideas presented in this paper may open up a discussion for jail administrators and law enforcing agencies that would help women prisoners of Pakistan.

Keywords: Socio-Cultural Factors, Female Prisoners, Criminal Behaviors, Effects of Imprisonment, Perception towards Jail