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Socio-Ecological Analysis of Karachi Harbour Area – Non Adherence of Marine Pollution Laws

Muhammad Tahir

The environmental degradation of Pakistani waters especially in Karachi coast became a serious threat to the human health, marine environment, life & marine vessels since long. This long-standing issue and pollution created by many sources is major contributing factor. At ancient times, it was considered that Earth can sustain all the human activities and
oceans cannot be polluted by these activities but later it is experienced that Earth has limited capacities to absorb human waste & oceans can be polluted. A close analysis of the existing state of degraded marine environment/ecosystem (a great challenge for the concerned authorities) reveals that ignorance of laws, less interest of responsible organizations
and non-cooperation by public are the main reasons of socioenvironmental threats, which are social crimes. This research article gives an unambiguous and broad picture for correct understanding of the major issues threatening the social life in Karachi Harbour & its adjoining coastal areas due to non-adhering of Marine Pollution laws. The deteriorating
environment at Karachi Harbour warrants immediate corrective actions in order to curtail further destruction by this menace & social crime. For Socio-economic uplift the Maritime Policy 2002 incorporated for protection and promotion of strategic and maritime interests, conservation of maritime environment, including development of coastal zones, ports and
harbours has been enforced. The implementation of existing laws in a true
letter and spirit merits the best possible solution to meet the challenges
regarding sociological threats in the Pakistani waters.

Keywords: Marine Pollution, Hazardous Effects, Marine & Human Life,
Sociological Crime, Marine Pollution Laws