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Suicide Bombing Reflecting on the Logic of Resistance in  the Contemporary World

Syed Mukarram Shah Gillani1 & Noor Ullah Khan2

Dealing with war studies, one wonders how to tackle with a variety of
approaches involved during pre-historic period and in the modern globalized
world. Regardless the fact that the world is packed with modern sophisticated
weapons, it is suicide bombing (SB) that seems to haunt the people everywhere in
the world. This paper aims at analyzing SB as a resisting force. It tries to unearth
the factors and scenarios that forces individuals and groups to use SB as an
ultimate tool to achieve their objectives. The paper also throws light on the twin
simmering issues of SB and martyrdom. The paper attempts to segregate
martyrdom from SB and terrorism and silence those quarters who attach terror
with Islam for their personal objectives. Besides, the paper attempts to answer the
question as why the act of powerful is justified while the act of weak and deprived
is labeled as terrorism? Moreover, the paper also aims at bringing to limelight the
horrible consequences of SB in the world in general and in the war-torn countries
in particular.

Keywords: Suicide Bombing, resistance, violence depicting, fanatics