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The Subjective Properties of Arabic Speech in the Criminal Legal Proof

Noor Issah Alhendi1 & Asem Bani2

This study deals with the subjective properties of Arabic speech in legal proof, it is a sophisticated legal mechanism, adopted by many developed countries such as America and Britain,it can be relied upon in Arab courts to reveal the perpetrators or the accused by determining their verbal style and their linguistic specificity.This was done by identifying the term intrinsic property of speech, its concept, and its extensions, and revealing its mechanisms, it is a modern concept that reveals the peculiarity of Arabic speech that indicates the speaker and determines the characteristics of his speech, this is done through the verbal
lexicon, i.e., what the individual’s linguistic lexicon reveals, everyone has a special lexicon which he cannot usually leave.Then comes the verbal image, which is the way the speaking individual finds his own images according to his environment and cultural data and merging his vocabulary to create special images through which he expresses what he wants, speech rhythm is the speaker’s way of choosing the rhythm of his speech and his music, which are special tones that indicate their owner.The verbal structure is the writer’s method in selecting the structure of his sentences and its mechanisms in a paradox of the traditional arrangement of the Arabic sentence in advance, delay, shortness, length, and many others.

Keywords: Speech, Subjective Properties, Speech (speech) Dictionary,
Picture, Rhythm, Structure.