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Violence Against Women: Violation of Right to Life of Women in FATA

M. Maqbool Khan Wazir

Violence against women is present in every country, cutting across boundaries of culture,
class, education, income, ethnicity and age. Even though most societies proscribe violence
against women, the reality is that violations against women’s human rights are often
sanctioned under the garb of cultural practices and norms, or through misinterpretation of
religious tenets. Pakistani society in general and tribal society in particular is so entrenched
in culture, that customary and traditional laws and practices usually override both statutory
and Islamic laws, which are only used selectively or adapted in accordance with cultural
traditions. Honour Killing is a tradition and practice that has existed in FATA for many
centuries. Today the custom of honour killing is doing no good but casting aspersions on the
noble and dignified heritage of the tribal culture, which denotes courage, honour, hospitality
and peaceful coexistence. The deplorable condition of the fair sex can be improved by
providing their proper education.

Keywords: Violence, Culture, FATA, FCR, Pakhtunwali, Jirga, Honour Killing, Customary Law,
Islamic Law, Human Rights