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Using microsoft teams for an interview

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On the meeting controls, click on the arrow next to Leave , click End meeting , then End. Click on Chat on the Navigation bar. In the chat list you will see the name of the meeting. Click on the name. The meeting attendance and transcript will appear in the pane. Select Download. Then select the format you want to download your transcription in. Go to your Downloads folder and move the Transcription to secure storage.

Then delete the file from the Downloads folder. When you are satisfied with your transcript you can delete the meeting from your calendar. This will also delete the transcript and attendance lists. They will still appear in the chat area but access to the transcript and attendance lists will no longer be available.

In the Meeting details screen, click Cancel Meeting top left. What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams can help you prepare and record your interviews. This page will explain how. So here are our 7 top tips to help you own your video interview. Switch your phone off, close windows to block out any outdoor noise, and lock the door if needed — we all know distracting our kids can be!

Find a simple, neutral background and ensure that your shot is well-lit. Adjust the lighting if required once the shot is set up. Ensure you have a strong internet connection. Make sure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded onto your computer, and familiarise yourself with the system. Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear.

Avoid patterns or distracting jewellery and ties. Opt for simple, softer colours and dress fully — not just from the waist up! This will help you to psychologically feel ready for the interview. Similarly, by sharing your own screen, you can explain an assignment to the candidate or present them with any other information.

To share your screen, simply click on Share on top right once you start the meeting. Then, you can choose between different presenter modes and what exact content you wish to share — all your screen or just specific windows. You may want to keep some notes during the interview. For example, you can give details about the case study the interviewee will need to work on, share some links with them, or other information.

On the other hand, they may want to share their portfolio, or, say, a website. Meeting notes will be available for both parties before, during, and after the meeting.

After the interview is over, you will see the meeting chat that will show all meetings interactions. Pause animated content.

Skip to main content. Home Recruitment Virtual Recruitment Virtual interview set-up Virtual interview set-up Guidance on setting up your interview process virtually. Details on how to set-up meetings on the platform can be found below: Microsoft Teams Invite all candidates to discuss their availability and IT set-up and be prepared to offer alternatives if they do not have suitable technology or only limited broadband.

Read the online events accessibility guidance When invited to interview candidates should also be asked if they have any constraints due to caring responsibilities, that may affect the timing or circumstances of their interview.

Setting up interviews using Microsoft Teams It is best practice to send separate invitations to the individual candidates and interview panel. Then click New Meeting on the top right side of the screen. Figure 9. Click in Add title box and give the meeting a name. Set the date and time for the meeting. Add a message about the meeting.

Click Send. The meeting will be saved on your Teams and Outlook calendar. Set Meeting Options 1. Go to your Calendar in Teams,. Open, to edit. Select Meeting Options. Set the Meeting Options as shown below. Then click Save. Click Close, top left to close the meeting screen. Before the Meeting emailing the link 1. Go to calendar in Teams click on the scheduled meeting. Click on Edit. Scroll down until you see the link to the meeting.

Open your email and paste the link in a new message to the participant. In Teams 1. Go to Calendar and click on the pre-scheduled meeting. Click Join. The meeting Audio window will appear. See below, you can: 1. Give the meeting a name 2.

Turn off your camera 3. Turn on Computer audio and microphone 3. When you have set the above settings, click on Join now. You will see an alert that the participant is waiting in the lobby. During the Meeting 1. Turn on Transcription. Click on More Actions … on the Meeting controls. End Meeting 1. You will be taken back to the Microsoft Teams screen. Download Transcript 1.

In the chat list you will see the name of the meeting. Click on the name. Click on Meeting transcript. You will be taken to another screen. Select Download.



Using microsoft teams for an interview

Teams will automatically install and open on your device. Select Teams from the list of apps. They will not be able to enter the meeting room before the meeting because the Meeting option will put them in the microdoft until you let them in. Ideally, your using microsoft teams for an interview will have a laptop or smart phone with a quality webcam as well as a strong internet connection. Select Meeting Options.



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