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Onedrive files not downloading automatically – onedrive files not downloading automatically

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Onedrive files not downloading automatically – onedrive files not downloading automatically


In the OneDrive app, open the folder that has the files you want to download. Make sure the folder contents appear in List view, not as thumbnails. Tap More next to the file you want to save and then tap Save. You can also select multiple files by pressing and holding one photo or video, then tapping the circle next to additional file names to check them.

Tap More in the upper right corner, then tap Save. Tap the arrow at Save to this location to see folders on your device. Pick a folder for the downloaded files, then tap Save.

In the OneDrive app, open the folder that has the photos or videos you want to download. Select a photo or video. In the OneDrive app, select the check box of the file or files that you want. For Windows phones, tap and hold the file you want to download, then select the check boxes for any additional files you want.

Select Download. For Windows phones, tap More , then tap Download. You can also tap and hold any of the files you selected in Step 1, then tap Download. To find the files you downloaded, in the Downloads pane that appears when your download starts, select Open downloads folder. For Windows phones, find and open the folder on your device where you want the downloads, and then tap Save.

Note: For the app, if you select multiple files, they will download together as a single zipped folder. All files will download to the app downloads folder a sub-folder within the Downloads folder on your computer. For Windows phones, if you select multiple files, they will download individually. Mobile and Mac. Download files from OneDrive to your device. Find your downloaded photos or videos in your device’s Camera Roll folder.

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Onedrive files not downloading automatically – onedrive files not downloading automatically


Ask a new question. Specifically, I have OneDrive set to store my photos in the cloud exclusively, with no copy on my hard drive. However, iTunes is prompting OneDrive to download copies of all of the files in my “photos” folder onto my hard drive. To be clear, these photos were not imported into my iTunes library, which means iTunes has no need to have them stored locally or reason to access them.

This happens automatically. Windows does not prompt me to grant iTunes permission. In other words, Windows doesn’t ask me if I want to allow or block iTunes from changing my OneDrive settings so that files are stored locally on my device. I understand that the underlying problem is with iTunes’ malicious behavior hijacking my settings and accessing content without my permission and, accordingly, I’ve posted a complaint in the iTunes forum.

Nevertheless, Windows should be be giving me the option to block iTunes from accessing my settings and files. Why is that not happening? Is there a Windows or OneDrive setting to block apps from accessing content or changing settings? The only option I can find in Windows’ settings is to unblock apps, but I don’t see how to block them in the first place. Here’s a screenshot to show iTunes malicious behavior:. And here’s a screenshot of the only related setting I can find in Windows.

As you can see, this allows me to unblock apps, but I’m looking for a way to block an app:. Hi Adam. You can Uninstall iTunes and install OneDrive on your other Devices set to be the default camera roll so pictures you take on phone or other devices are instantly sync’d to OneDrive in cloud, and then down to your other devices according to what you have set each device to sync.

But either way these are likely going to conflict unless you settle for one or the other. If this is not exactly what you need, please explain a bit more so I can help you better. Otherwise please post back results for each step so I know what to suggest next if necessary. The pages appear to be providing accurate, safe information. Watch out for ads on the sites that may advertise products frequently classified as a PUP Potentially Unwanted Products. Thoroughly research any product advertised on the sites before you decide to download and install it.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Greg, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. You provided directions for how to use the OneDrive iOS app to automatically sync photos from my phone to OneDrive and other devices. But that’s not what I’m trying to do.

Let me start over and try to re-explain this:. OneDrive has a folder titled “Pictures”. I right-click the folder and select “free up space”. The status of these files is confirmed in File Explorer with a cloud icon as opposed to a green checkmark. However, when I open the iTunes for PC app it changes the setting for OneDrive’s “Pictures” folder from “free up space” to “store on device”, causing all of my photos to download from OneDrive’s cloud unto my PC’s hard drive.

To clarify, the photos being downloaded by iTunes are not from my iPhone’s camera roll, not photos I imported into iTunes, and not photos that are or should be stored in iCloud. They’re old photos taken by digital cameras that I imported into OneDrive.

Thus, they should be stored exclusively in OneDrive. They should have zero association with any Apple product or service. There is literally no reason iTunes should even know they exist, let alone need to access them. You wrote: ” The only reason iTunes would download photos via OneDrive with Files on Demand enabled is if the iTunes pictures are being sync’d to OneDrive on one of your devices, so I’d check that.

It is turned OFF. However, even it was turned on that wouldn’t explain my problem. Again, the photos that iTunes are downloading are not from my iPhone, iTunes or iCloud.

Moreover, if that setting was turned on, it would explain OneDrive pulling photos from Apple, whereas my problem is the other way around Apple pulling from OneDrive. The only other remotely related setting I’m aware of is the iCloud setting to download photos to my PC. That is turned on, but it doesn’t explain my problem. That setting causes iCloud to download photos from my iPhone into a “iCloud Photos” folder on my hard drive.

When that happens i. But that’s not the issue I’m describing. Again, I’m talking about iTunes which is separate, though related, to iCloud downloading photos not from my phone, but from non-associated OneDrive folders. If you don’t want to exclusively use OneDrive to manage photo sync on all of you devices, can you change your Photo management for your Apple devices to iCloud to avoid the interference that iTunes is causing?

I am still here to help you if you need anything else. I am not trying to share photos across devices. Your initial reply provided directions for using OneDrive to share photos across devices.

I politely replied and explained that’s not what I’m trying to do. Now you’re giving me advice on the more appropriate app OneDrive vs. Again, I’m not trying to synch photos across devices, so that’s not relevant to my problem. In other words, I’m treating OneDrive as an archive, not as platform for viewing or sharing photos. Next you advise me that I should seek assistance in the iTunes forum and offer a link. That’s very frustrating because it suggests you’re not carefully reading my posts.

As I explained in my original message, I have posted in the iTunes forum. I’d written: ” I understand that the underlying problem is with iTunes’ malicious behavior [ I appreciate that’s a problem for Apple, not MS. However, am asking if there’s an option in Windows’ security settings to block an app installed on my PC from accessing documents in my OneDrive folders without permission. That is something that a person in an MS forum could potentially address.

Is there someone else who can assist me? Someone who can better understand my problem? What happens if you press “Cancel download”? As far as I can tell, OneDrive does not have an option to cancel downloads. When I click on the OneDrive icon in my taskbar, the only option I’m presented with is to “pause” downloads.

If I click on that, OneDrive tells me it will resume downloading at such-and-such time. If there is a way to cancel, I’d appreciate it if someone points it out to me.

What I end up doing is waiting for all of the files to finish downloading, then right-click the “pictures” folder and select “free up space” to remove the local copies. One other point I’d like to clarify: Greg seems to be conflating iTunes with iCloud. There may be some interoperability between the two, but they are in fact separate apps.

My problem is with iTunes, the media player. My problem has nothing to do with iCloud or syncing files across devices. Why would a media player that doesn’t even have a photo viewing option be obsessed with downloading photos from an unlinked OneDrive folder?

As far as I know, the only photos that should be associated with iTunes are album artwork. I would understand if iTunes were trying to force album artwork to download because it needs a local copy, but those aren’t the photos that it’s downloading. Album artwork is stored in the various subfolders of my “music” library, not my “pictures” folder.

Again, the pictures iTunes is downloading are archived photos I took with digital cameras 20 years ago. Bottom line, I don’t want to sync these photos to any device — I just want to store them in the OneDrive cloud. Normally that’s very easy to accomplish, except for the fact that iTunes keeps overriding my OneDrive preferences. That’s why I’m positing here in addition to the iTunes forum : to learn if there’s a Windows security setting to block apps on my computer from changing my OneDrive preferences.

Look in your first screenshot. There’s a cancel download button in the notification that iTunes is downloading the photos.

I’m wondering if pressing that will give a follow up option to block. As to why iTunes is attempting to download access the photos, my guess is at one point this iTunes library synced those photos to an iDevice. I’d have to hit cancel literally 1,plus times once for each photo.

Please go back and re-read this entire thread. You will see that I keep repeatedly emphasizing this point. These photos were never on any Apple device and never shared with any Apple library. Also, as I explained in my previous post, iTunes doesn’t have a photo library or photo viewing functionality — it’s for songs, videos and ebooks. Even if these photos had, at one point, been associated with Apple, it would still make no sense for iTunes, as opposed to iCloud, to be looking for them.

My apologies, I thought you said you were managing photos with iTunes and asked if you could replace it with iCloud to get rid of the app you called “malicious. Check out Controlled Folder Access. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.


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