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The Avenge as a Motive of Homicide Crimes in Jordan for the Period (2017-2021)

Hamzeh Abu Issa1 & Mohammed Al Shibli2

Referring to the importance of motive element in committing crimes, principally the homicide crimes, the article sought to address the avenge motive, which is considered as one of the most important motivational models. The avenge motive was prevalent under earlier societies until much later, most of the murders in Jordan during the past decades were linked to specific motives such as avenge and honour preservation. Hence, the researchers selected five-year period to illustrate the extent to which the Jordanian society (clan-based) was influenced by the motive of avenge in perpetrating the murders. To this end, descriptive analytical approach was employed, to classifyavenge as one of murdering motives, analysis of criminal statistics, and judicial rulings. The article came out with very important outcomes; that the number of homicide in Jordan during 2017-2021reached to 511 cases, of which only eight were motivated by avenge, i.e. (1.6%), which indicates a decline in avenge crimes in Jordan, also it concluded that, the most important role in reducing revenge crimes in Jordan attributes to the Jordanian judiciary system, which tightened judicial provisions in avenge murdering, as it considered it an aggravating circumstance that raises the murder penalty to capital penalty.

Keywords: Homicide, Criminal Law, Motives, Avenge, Jordanian Law