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Addiction in the Age of the Internet: The Case of E-drugs in the UAE

Ayman Alhawawsheh1


Preventing and protecting youth and society from drug harm is a goal that everyone seeks to achieve. In the first place, the legislative authority is entrusted with enacting laws and regulations to curb the new crimes, as the legislator succeeded in addressing in terms of criminalization and punishment for the crime of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. However, there is a legislative vacuum to stipulate a crime Digital drug, which the prosecution stands in front of confronting this crime in the absence of a text criminalizing this act based on the legal element of the crime (There is no crime and no punishment except by a text) which exacerbated the problem and made the matter more complicated. This study lies in shedding light on the possibility of providing digital drugs as reliable evidence to the investigation authorities, just like other types of drugs. The Results It’s hard to criminalize digital drugs, because the Public Prosecution‘s reliance on the hormone dopamine in criminalization only, leads to the loss of the criminal case in proof by the Public Prosecution Office in the face of the accused, due to the difficulty of determining.

Keywords: Digital drugs, proof, sound, music, hallucinogen, illicit drug