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Fast Fashion Issue in Vietnam: Legal Aspects and Environmental Protection

Nguyen Duy Dung1 & Tran Nguyen Quang Ha2


The entire world is facing a tremendous acceleration in the development of the fashion industry and responding to the highly increasing demand for fashion items. However, the fashion industry is the main root of creating tons of environmental problems and greenhouse gas emissions in the corporate production process. Fast fashion is the new fashion trend, which has continuously been harming the environment, specifically contributes to carbon emissions and many other scenarios. The expansion of fast fashion products in the modern age all over the world has also created preferable conditions for nurturing fast fashion brands in
Vietnam. In addition, it helps the advent of foreign fast fashion brands penetrate the Vietnam market. As a result, the Government needs to pay attention to some issues related to policies, laws, environmental protection, and sustainable development goals of net emissions in Vietnam. In the content of this article, the author examines the fast fashion trends in Vietnam from the perspective of law enforcement, and environmental protection under the goal of maintaining sustainable development, thereby making some necessary recommendations for improving the relevant legal policy.

Keywords: Fast fashion, Vietnam, Law, Environment protection, Sustainable development