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Forensic Examination of Plastic Identification Documents

Ihor Pyrih1, Viktor Sezonov2, Mykola Yefimov3, Oleksiy Oderiy4 & Vitaliy Novikov5

The relevance of this paper lies in the investigation of plastic identification documents, since they are becoming widespread and are positioned as modern and offering better data protection. The purpose is to examine the features of plastic identification documents, as well as to expand knowledge about the essence and content of these documents and their purpose and adaptation to present-day realities. The results constitute the establishment of the specific features of issuing plastic identification documents, their use in practice, as well as the characteristics of individual documents that certify identity or certain property rights. The study clarifies the definition of the term “document”; identifies and describes the features of
the development and application of plastic identification documents; indicates their practical value; lists the main types of such documents; characterises two types of plastic identification documents — an identity document and documents for a vehicle, as well as studies the phenomenon of forgery.

Keywords: Vehicle Registration Certificate, ID Card, Identification, Forgery, Investigation