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Foundations for Drafting an Appeal Petition in Jordanian Courts

Saad A. Meqdad1 & Hamzeh M. Abu Issa2


This article examines the stylistic elements of the judicial petition of appeal in the Jordanian courts. It focuses on the specific language and phrases employed in appeals made by certain attorneys to the Court of Cassation and the Court of Appeal. Several of these appeals had unsuitable language and expressions that diminished the prestige and respect of the court, therefore violating the relevant regulations and ethical standards in addressing the judicial body. The study stated that attorneys should refrain from using harsh terms and phrases,
based on concrete examples provided. It emphasized the need for lawyers to enhance their discourse style to uphold the reputation of the judiciary and show respect for its rulings. If necessary, the court can impose a sentence on the lawyer. Furthermore, the study emphasizes that the lawyer must exercise caution in selecting their words and phrases, refraining from engaging in defamation or slander. This is crucial for maintaining the dignity of the legal system and its authorities.

Keywords: Drafting, Procedure law, Jordanian law, Judicial petition, Appeal.