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Improving Police Culture

BY: Saiyed Mohib Asad

Economic activity and growth are deeply linked with safe environment and security. The
police are the major respondent for maintenance of order and internal security in any society.
Developed nations have developed police, whereas the police of the underdeveloped
countries are suffering from a variety of anomalies. The police in Pakistan didn’t achieve a
high level of respect, dignity, performance and professionalism. There have been a number
of initiatives, new laws and polices to improve police image and quality. But, instead of
foreign injection and artificial grafting of services and ideas into the police, we need an
indigenous and cost-effective approach, both in terms of structural and functional reorganization, to raise the competence, capacity, responsiveness and responsibility of the
police in Pakistan; hence, improving police performance and police image. The article
contains a few suggestions for creating such an improved police culture.
Police Culture, Security, Police Order 2002, Police Rules 1935, Police Station, Pakistan
Penal Code, Human Rights, Police Service of Pakistan.