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Legal Regulation of Insurance against Cyber-Attack Risks

Sanaa Freihat1 & Majd Al-Manasra2


The Internet has recently witnessed significant growth to become an important part of our daily lives, as it has grown to become the main part of our business as well. Nowadays, anything we do on smart devices can be seen by others, either with our knowledge or consent or without, it may seem obvious, as we can share our work on social networking sites. At first glance, however, it appears to represent a serious threat, including privacy breaches and data theft, and threats become even more important when these breaches directly affect businesses, customers, and the general public. It became necessary to protect the requirements of this development from those cyber risks to minimize the negative effects that these attacks and intrusions can have on facilities and infrastructure. The world has witnessed a technical development in the use of Internet devices and electronic networks, and this use has exposed these networks and devices to the risks of cyberattacks, data breaches, obtaining personal, financial, and commercial information, and using them to blackmail companies and individuals electronically.

Keywords: cyber-attacks, cyber risks, cyber insurance, data theft, cyber networks.