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Medical Confidentiality Breach Crime

Noor Issa Alhendi1, Asem Baniamer2, & Mohamed Kamel M. Sharkawy3


This study study addresses the crime of medical confidentiality breach. This is committed by a physician, by defining the concept of medical confidentiality. It is entrusted to the physician to safeguard, as well as outlining the conditions of medical confidentiality, and specifying the elements of this crime, represented by the legal, material, and moral aspects, along with the legal basis for preserving patient confidentiality. It also discusses situations where disclosure of patient secrets is permissible and the termination of the obligation of medical confidentiality. Furthermore, it elucidates the penalties imposed on perpetrators of this crime according to legal texts. To clarify the subject of the paper; the study aims to demonstrate; the Concept of Medical Confidentiality, Conditions of Medical Confidentiality, Elements of the Crime of Medical Confidentiality Breach by the Forensic Physician, Legal Basis for Patient Confidentiality, Cases Permitting Disclosure of Patient Secrets, Termination of the Obligation of Medical Secrecy, and Penalties for Violating Medical Secrecy.

Keywords: Physician justice, crime, medical confidentiality breach, judiciary.