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Money Laundering Via Electronic Means: Electronic Check

Ahmed Al-Batoush1


The objective of this study is to elucidate the sequential phases included in the electronic money laundering procedure and to explicate the legal strategies employed to counteract electronic money laundering. Furthermore, it aims to underscore the stance of criminal legislation about this illicit activity. The research has reached several results and recommendations, the most important of which is that the Jordanian legislator has excelled in enacting a law that regulates electronic transactions and electronic signatures and has established controls for electronic documentation. This has placed a significant barrier in front of criminals who exploit electronic checks and other electronic means in money laundering. The research moreover suggests the promotion of collaboration and the sharing of information across nations in combating illicit financial activities, given that electronic money laundering offences are characterized by their digital nature and their influence is confined to the boundaries of a singular nation.

Keywords: Money Laundering, Electronic Means, Electronic Check, Legal Conditions