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Public Participation in Anti-Corruption Efforts

Assem Tapenova1 & Raziya Akparova2


The research aims to analyse the current legislative framework of Kazakhstan on public control. Several methods were used to implement the set tasks, namely formal-legal, dogmatic, method of legal hermeneutics, comparativelegal, deductin and others. As a result of the analysis of norms that are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 410-IV “On combating corruption”, 410-IV “On combating
corruption”, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 383-V “On public councils”, the Anti-Corruption Strategies for 2015-2025 and 2022-2026, conflicts were identified. During the study of statistical indicators that show the Kazakhstan Corruption Index in 2018-2022 and the number of detected offences of this category in 2022, the effectiveness of the state policy to combat and prevent corruption was assessed. The experience of such countries as Singapore, Georgia and Sweden was reviewed.

Keywords: Offence Prevention; Public Policy; Citizens’ Rights; National Strategies; Control.