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Restorative Justice Approach as Ultimum Remedium of Corruption Crimes

Ahmad Syahird1, Musakkir2, Amir Ilyas3 & Naswar4


Corruption has existed for many years in the world. Therefore, to overcome these problems, researchers need to apply the philosophy of restorative justice. The purpose of this research is to examine the use of a restorative justice system as a final resolution effort in addressing corruption crimes in Indonesia. Therefore, the restorative justice approach is needed as the main solution in resolving corruption crimes in Indonesia. The research methodology used is
normative juridical. The results show that restorative justice as an effort to resolve corruption crimes in Indonesia is an approach that emphasizes the restoration of damaged relationships due to corruption crimes by involving all parties involved, including perpetrators, victims, and the community. This research has contributed to the improvement of restorative justice arrangements for unlawful acts of corruption in order to optimize the recovery of state financial losses.

Keywords: Crime of corruption; education; prevention; restorative justice; ultimum remedium