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Sex Addiction and Crime in Pakistan: A Review of Literature

Wajeeha Riaz*1, Muntaha Zia2 & Sana Shamim3

This study examined the relationship between sexual addiction and crime, examining the theoretical and etiological factors contributing to its development. It used various academic databases like Science Direct, Frontier, Google Scholar, Taylor and Francis Online, APA PsycNet, PubMed, PsycInfo, HEC Digital Library and NCBI. Key terms used were like sex addition, sexual addiction, sex related crimes, sexual attitude and illegal sexual acts. Although the literature search is limited, the study aimed to provide an overview of the relationships,
theories, and etiological links to sex addiction and crime. According to the review with increased internet access allowing for more sexual education and growth, there has been significant increase in sex addictive behaviors in recent years. Among the various etiological factors, pornography can lead to exaggerated sexual attitudes and aggressive behavior. Psychiatric history and co-morbidity in families and a history of child sexual abuse can also contribute to sexual addiction and serious sex crime. Parents should closely monitor their children, both young and adult, and provide guidance on sexual norms and healthy ways to relieve sexual urges. Governmental efforts can also involve seminars and awareness campaigns to promote responsible sexual behavior.

Key words: sex addiction, sex and crime, aggression, pornography