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The Impact of Legal Translation on Criminal Proceedings

Alalddin Al-Tarawneh1


This article explores the little-known need for the role of legal interpreters in the courtroom, particularly in criminal proceedings. This article, based on research in the professional literature, explores common misconceptions about the role of the legal translator, experienced by experienced professionals and likely experienced by many others in the courtroom. This article attempts to shed light on the complexities of legal translation and the challenges it faces in the criminal justice system. The article highlights important circumstances of the role of law, equality and justice can only be achieved if translations meet the highest standards. It also argues that safeguarding the integrity of the evidence and the defendant’s right to a fair trial is accomplished by accurate translation. To achieve this, we use qualitative methods to tease out the full meaning of the topic through a scientific and insightful process.

Keywords: Legal translation, criminal proceedings, cross-border justice, equality, interpreter role.