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The Role of the Police in Reducing the Fear of Crime in the Community

Fatmir Qollakaj1 & Driton Muharremi2


In places with relevant security and a satisfactory ratio for the inhabitants of a settlement, whether rural or urban, the presence of the police is necessary, especially in areas with criminal influence or in dangerous areas, where in this case it is an important factor in reducing fear. from crime for the citizens of that place of residence. Citizens are making more and more requests to the police to fight crime and this task is mainly addressed to community policing, but civil and academic society must be a permanent help to law enforcement institutions. So the alleviation of the fear of crime comes with the preventive actions of the police, and their presence in the neighborhood calms the situation or provides security for
that society. Citizens, on the other hand, the presence of the police can be understood as an unsafe, tense, or disorderly situation if we are dealing with an increase in criminality. Many researchers have tried to explain the fear of crime theoretically, these efforts have tried to be dominated by researchers influenced by sociological knowledge, i.e. demographics such as age, gender, family income, friendship networks, length of stay, previous experiences of victimization, and so on have been suggested as key factors in explaining the fear of crime, and it has concluded that a crime map should be created as an early warning measure.

Keywords: Fear of crime, Police, Community Policing, Neighborhood, Situation.