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The Role of Public Administration in Countering Hybrid Threats in Cyberspace

Anton Khriapynskyi1, Ihor Khmyrov2, Polina Aliieva3, Borys Dziundziuk4 & Ivo Svoboda5


The study aims to evaluate the involvement of public administration in addressing hybrid threats in cyberspace. A comparative analysis was conducted on the entities involved in combating hybrid threats in the digital realm in Ukraine, France, and Japan, utilising visual and graphic techniques. It was established that the prevalence of hybrid threats targeting the cyber domain is contingent upon adequate organisational support. The subjects of public dministration in countering hybrid threats in cyberspace in Ukraine, France and Japan were indicated. It was determined that hybrid threats predominantly encompass challenges to a state’s sovereignty, national security, public awareness, classified information, and communication. It is important to acknowledge many constantly evolving tactics and strategies employed in these threats. At the same time, there is potential to draw upon the experience of France and Japan and establish a separate entity in Ukraine dedicated to countering hybrid threats in cyberspace. Future research could explore the feasibility of implementing such a system in Ukraine, highlighting the key tasks, goals, competencies, authorities, functions, and operational objectives.

Keywords: public administration, hybrid threats, cyberspace, cyberattacks, national security, blockchain.