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Experiences of Women Police at Work Place in Pakistan

Neelam Farid, Saif-Ur-Rehman Saif Abbasi, Rabia Ali &Asia Ashfaq

Gender roles in contemporary Pakistan have witnessed transformation
in the last few decades. This has increased women‟s participation in the work
force and allowed them to work in institutions where they could not work in
the past due to socio-cultural constraints. Yet, despite this women tend to
encounter adjustment problems at different levels. Police department is one of
such organizations, where women encounter numerous challenges. This
research aims to examine the experiences of women police to be able to
understand the issues they encounter at work. The study was carried out in
three cities including Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar using quantitative
research design. A total of 280 respondents on the basis of proportionate
sampling technique were selected by using researcher administered
questionnaire. The results highlight that women police did not get
opportunities to participate in in-service trainings and they had limited
promotion opportunities at work. The study recommends that the issue of the
discrimination encountered by women working in police department can be
reduced by providing them access to promotional opportunities and in-service
training. This will encourage more women to participate in this profession.

Keywords: Experiences, Women, Police, Work, Place, Pakistan