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About This Journal

The Pakistan Society of Criminology (PSC) was established in the year 2008 by a few academics and law-enforcement officers. At the moment, the PSC has a total of one hundred and sixty (160) registered members. The purpose of the PSC is to promote the professional interests of the field of study of criminology in Pakistan and around the world. To this end, the PSC has established a criminological library at its head office in Peshawar. It is providing assistance to the researchers of the universities and to various Pakistani and global justice agencies. A website has also been created (www.pjcriminology.com). The website provides complete information about the organization, and has numerous downloadable links to national laws and research articles. One of the notable achievements of the PSC has been the launching of the ‘Pakistan Journal of Criminology’. This is a quarterly journal producing indigenous, regional and global research that focuses on criminological issues impacting the world as well as Pakistan in particular and the Central Asia in general. So far, 33 issues of PJC have been published. The first three issues were launched in the year 2009. PJC was recognized by HEC in Y Category in the year 2012.  The next issue of PJC, to be published in 2021. The PSC is seeking to establish strong professional linkages with individual criminologists and with criminological societies around the world.