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Police Reforms: Public Perception and Introspection

Abbas Ahsan (PSP)

In order to carry out the Prime Minister’s vision of providing relief to the
common man, reforms in police as in all branches of government are long overdue.
Before looking outwards, there is a dire need for introspection as policing needs
internal accountability through transparency and limiting discretion. Likewise,
reforms have to be above oscillating impulsive reactions to public pressures, but
rather a continuous process of engagement. Considering that police is the agency
authorized by the state to use force against its own citizens, it must be held at a
higher pedestal of accountability. Proposals for accountability must include
democratic oversight by Public Representatives who have been elected by people
to safeguard their rights. At the same time, interventions planned must be debated
with all stakeholders so that police can make informed and sustainable choices.