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Problems faced by Women Police in Pakistan

Sajjad Hussain, Basharat Hussain, Waqar Ahmed & Hamid Alam

Like other sectors of society, whereby women‘s discrimination is blatant, armed and security  forces like police has also historically side-lined women folk on stereotypical grounds. This paper attempts to analyse the various administrative and socio-cultural problems faced by prospective women to be recruited in police force as well as the same nature of problems faced by the already serving women police staff in Pakistan. The study was based on secondary analysis of reported problems faced by women police in Pakistan. Findings of the study reveal that certain administrative problems such as male officers‘ strict attitude, access problems to the crime scenes, police station‘s infrastructure, recruitment and training problems and other socio-cultural factors such as sexual harassment, general perception towards women policing, male officers authoritative attitude and lack of cooperation from them have been the
salient pulling factors that hamper the efficiency of already employed women police force as well as discourage the general women folk to enter into the police department.

Keywords: Women policing; Pakistan; Discrimination; Patriarchy;
Stereotyping; Norms and Values