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Responsibility for Abuse of Influence: Global Experience

Andrii Brazhnyk1, Tetiana Hud2 & Marina Grigoryeva3

The main purpose of this study was to conduct an independent investigation of some international regulations that make provision for criminal liability for abuse of influence; analysis of the experience of countries that have achieved considerable success in implementing and improving criminal legislation, which determines the implementation of mechanisms of public legal responsibility for abuse of influence to consider the possibility of implementing some of their provisions in the legal system of Ukraine. The general methodological framework of this study was formed by an integrated approach to cognition, in which all the main aspects of the subject matter were investigated. The combatting intensifies and measures are being taken to prevent criminal offences in official and professional activities relating to the provision of public services. It was concluded that there is considerable progress in corruption combatting in the world. Ukraine is one of the countries that take steps in
developing anti-corruption legislation, though, further improvements are needed.
The materials of this study are of practical value for further scientific research and
legislative transformations in the field under study.

Keywords: criminalisation of corruption influence, corporate transparency, compliance programmes, protection of informants, deferred prosecution agreement.