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The Role of Internet use in the Adoption of Deviant Behavior among University Students

Sardar Ahmad, Asad Ullah, Bushra Shafi & Mussawar Shah

This is the age of criminological theory. Every criminological theory tries to find the cause of
crime and deviant behavior among the masses and finds ways to mitigate those crimes. The
present study was conducted to analyze the role of internet use (as an independent variable)
in causing deviance among university students (as dependent variable). A sample of 360
respondents was proportionately allocated and randomly selected from two universities
situated in Peshawar, in July 2012. Chi square test was used to examine the association of
independent and dependent variables. The result showed a highly significant association
between deviant behavior among university students and immorally chatting with friends
(p=0.000), immoral online activities (p=0.000), parents objection on using internet
(p=0.000) and place of internet access (p=0.000). Enhanced stress on moral well-being of
students in family, community and university, keeping proper check on students’ online
activities and regular interaction and association among students, teachers and their parents
on the intellectual, academic and moral issues were the major study recommendations.

Keywords: Internet Use, Social Networking System, Deviance, Deviant Behavior, University Students.