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An Analysis of Existing Complaint Mechanism According to CRC (for juveniles inside three Correctional Facilities of the Punjab Province)

Sarwat Inayat Mirza

A research study was carried out with a group of 700 juveniles and parents (300 juveniles and 400 parents).The sample was selected from District jail Lahore, Borstal Institute Faisalabad and Central jail Sahiwal to analyze the existing complaint mechanism for the juveniles. Chi square was used for statistical analysis. The result of the study indicates that due to imposed fear of the prison authorities‟ children and their parents do not have a chance to make their complaints properly. As a formality and in order to give a good / positive picture to the outer world written applications are placed in complaints of personally submitted to Superintendent Jail on his visit. There is still an element of fear among the juveniles which may be removed properly to address the grievances of this vulnerable group.

Keywords: Convention on the Rights of the Child, thematic perception test,
Borstal Institute, complaint mechanism, official visitors