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Custody: Law Enforcement Issues and Human Rights Protection

Nail Ibad Abbasov1 & Maleyka Nazim Abbasova2


The purpose of this study includes the investigation and solving of a set of issues concerning custody from the standpoint of observing and protecting human rights and freedoms. The general scientific, legal, and socio-political tools for investigating public processes, judicial decisions and the practice of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine were used for a generalising analysis of the present-day realities of custodial issues in institutions of the State
Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and the activities of various subjects. An in-depth study of the human rights mechanism in Ukraine upon ensuring and guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of a person in custody has determined the practical significance and originality of the materials of this paper. The subject of this study, related to the violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens during their illegal custody in pre-trial custody centres and temporary detention facilities.

Keywords: Custody; Ukraine; ECHR; OHCHR; Pre-Trial Restrictions.